UnEarth is an award-winning video game that explores conflict resolution, resilience, and determination. Created by Robin Ghosh, it is a winning video game from the Resilience Game Design Challenge presented by the nonprofit charity Jennifer Ann's Group®.

UnEarth Features

  • An engaging visual novel.
  • Conversation modeling with multiple NPCs, offering a variety of communication styles.
  • 20 game save slots offers easy bookmarking for classroom use.
  • Keyboard and/or mouse controls.
  • An enjoyable and challenging resource for practicing interpersonal resilience skills.

UnEarth Challenges

In UnEarth, players seek to understand why their world has changed so dramatically. In doing so, they are challenged:

  • to become more flexible when navigating the chaos of this new world;
  • to manage conflict by applying proper communication strategies; and
  • to become more confident in their ability to correctly recognize, and adapt to, a variety of communication styles.

Will you help Taylor explore and understand this new world?

UnEarth Messages

The player learns to make better dialogue choices by recognizing the emotional state of those they communicate with and then respond appropriately and strategically. The player then continues to apply these new-found communication strategies in order to continue their progression through this mysterious new world. Ultimately, the player learns how to successfully navigate the game's eclectic cast of characters, with their correspondingly wide range of personalities.

And they do so without violence.

♥ About UnEarth ♥

UnEarth is an award-winning game developed by Robin Ghosh and produced by Jennifer Ann’s Group, a nonprofit charity that produces video games about important issues affecting adolescents. It is part of Jennifer Ann's Group’s Gaming Against Violence program which produces, researches, and promotes prosocial games to help young people live happier and healthier lives.

This game focuses on recognizing and fostering resilience and to that end, UnEarth supports the following:

  • valuing communication skills
  • identifying communication strategies
  • choosing the best communication style to fit the situation
  • healthy conflict management

UnEarth Resources

The UnEarth page on the Resilient Games website has more information about the game UnEarth. The website also offers helpful information and links about resilience and communication strategies.

UnEarth Details

Development Robin Ghosh @SpectreRobin (Twitter)
Produced by Jennifer Ann's Group games.ngo@stopTDV (Mastodon)
Published by Life Love Publishing LifeLovePublishing.com (website)
Right Rating™ Everyone No ads. No in-app purchases. No loot boxes. No privacy tracking.

Please note that this version of UnEarth has been updated and differs from the version submitted for judging in the Resilience Game Design Challenge.

Gaming Against Violence Recognized for Innovation

The nonprofit program that produced this game was selected as a Top-50 innovative program for nonprofits in the U.S. for 2022. Learn more about our evidence-based approach to violence prevention through games.

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About Jennifer Ann's Group

Since 2008 Jennifer Ann's Group's Gaming Against Violence program has produced more than sixty prosocial games for teens. Previous game topics include consent, healthy relationships, and media literacy. This award-winning program is evidence-based and the games are available for use in university studies. Please contact Jennifer Ann's Group to discuss research opportunities.

More information about our charity is available at JenniferAnn.org. As a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization all donations to Jennifer Ann's Group are deductible to the full extent allowed by law. (EIN:20-4618499)

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsJennifer Ann's Group, SpectreRobin
GenreRole Playing, Educational
Made withRPG Maker
TagsFirst-Person, Indie, Non violent, Retro, RPG Maker, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, One button

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