Lamplight Hollow (Review)

Lamplight Hollow

What is your subconscious trying to tell you?

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Thank you for all of the kind words and social media sharing for Lamplight Hollow; we're very pleased to see that this quirky RPG has been received so well!

We wanted to share this article from Sebastian Standke at Game Curator because it does such a great job of capturing the mood and spirit of Lamplight Hollow:

At first glance, “Lamplight Hollow” seems to be a RPG with a very standard narration: A teenage girl tries to wake up, but she doesn’t wake up in our reality. Instead, she finds herself in a dream world. Some whimsical characters like a wood fairy named Wilbur in the form of a stick helps her out, so that they can escape the Tutorial Dungeon together. There are some puns, instead of attacking enemies you talk with them, you can heal yourself with soft drinks instead of potions, so yeah, it’s all cute and adorable, but not really something special in the end, right? Wrong.
There are important reasons why the dreamer is not awake at this point. ...

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