Updates: New version & Screenshots for 'Grace's Diary'

Grace's Diary

Hi fans of Grace's Diary, we wanted to share a few updates with you!

(1) We've updated the game page with a new look that better reflects the aesthetics of Grace's Diary. We've also added several screenshots.

(2) More importantly, we made some changes to the game itself.

Grace's Diary was first published back in 2010 and was designed to run using Flash. It has been difficult to continue to make the game available to players since Flash is no longer readily available. It has also been difficult to make any changes to the game but we have been able to accomplish both recently. 

Although it is a Beta version we are excited to share the new version of Grace's Diary with you for free:

  • Grace's Diary (Beta)(Sept-3-2021).exe
    (The game is free, donations are welcome.)

Grace's Diary is only available for Windows currently but if there is enough interest (and enough time) we will make it available for other systems and/or platforms. Although we have tested this new version we are a very small nonprofit and so our resources are very limited. Please let us know if you run into any problems with the game. We really do want some feedback -- and of course we hope that it will be positive!

In working on this revised version of Grace's Diary we reviewed comments about the game from the past 10+ years and have tried to address as many issues as possible:

- In addition to a few "easy" grammar fixes we also have tried to provide more context around some of the more problematic (or slightly outdated) conversations.

- We also removed an in-game hyperlink to our nonprofit org's website because we think allowing it to connect to the internet might raise some security flags.

- We also made it more clear that the game has three possible endings -- so don't give up if you are unhappy with the game's outcome, just get back in and try again! This has come up many times over the years with players very upset about thinking a "bad ending" was the only possible outcome. Hopefully we've addressed that more directly now.

The story of Grace & Natalie remains as sweet & hopeful today as when it was first published over eleven years ago.

We love the great comments that this game has received and appreciate you taking the time to share your appreciation for this sweet heartfelt game. It's exciting & heartwarming to see this little indie game show up in the Top 10 from time to time.

Thank you again for playing, sharing, and learning from Grace's Diary!

Launched: 14th Annual Life.Love. Game Design Challenge

While you're here, we also wanted to let you know that we've just launched a new game design challenge. This is our 14th annual competition and we've shaken things up completely for this year's contest. To give you some perspective, Grace's Diary was the winning game from our 3rd annual game design challenge!

For the first time ever this year's contest is for non-digital games. We are calling it "UNPLUGGED" and hope you will register. All Finalists will receive $100 and the winning game receives an additional $500.

Register by submitting your game pitch by September 26, 2021 to be eligible. Check out the contest details here: JAGga.me/unplugged

As always, thank you for your support & interest in our use of games to prevent violence!

♥ Jennifer Ann's Group


Grace's Diary (Beta) (Sept-3-2021).exe 28 MB
Sep 09, 2021

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