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Reminds me of my last girlfriend! (Unfortunately)

Thanks for the Let's Play of Lamplight Hollow! Now that Wilbur & Dreamer have made it Outdoors we'd love to see what happens next . . . !

You made something really cool here!  You should be super proud. :{)

for me it's kinda bugged, it's anything wrong with the game?

No -- what's not working?

The only problem we saw early in testing was issues with audio files when using Chrome but that was resolved. Please let us know what we can do to help.

I can't explain, but here's a photo of the bug.

Well, we can definitely say that the title screen is not supposed to look like that!

Lamplight Hollow is also on our GameJolt page -- give it a try there and let us know how it goes.


got the worst ending

i kinda happy 

will play more

well i entered a room while clicking a lot of buttons and now the graphics are disabled

OK there seems to be a problem. i didnt play this game for a month and now my save file got deleted. Pls Fix This

Hi - we're sorry to hear that. The HTML5 save files should be stored in local storage and retrieved automatically. The Key for the default save file is:

RPG Lamplight Hollow File9

Maybe check if a different browser was used? Good luck!


The meaning behind this game is actually deep and it hits me hard, wow... Props to the devs and you guys at JAG! ๐Ÿ˜Š

This is only part 2 (also an ending) of my experience, but you can check part 1 as well on the channel! ๐Ÿ˜Š

i broke the game

everthink is black



Had issues with copyright claims so had to overlap some other music over the game music. Other than that it was a good game with a beautiful story behind it.

Thank you for the kind words.

ALL of the music used in the game has been properly licensed and we have sent in that info to several music publishers already to get 3 or 4 claims dropped. Not all of the publishers have automated systems and some are just not responsive.

We're sorry that this is a hassle but it doesn't seem like we'll find a reasonable solution anytime soon. :-(

But thank you again!! And we will check out your video soon.


its all good.  

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Hey Jennifer Anns Group,

First Of Great Game Love It But There Is A Issue. The Music Played In Wilburs Area Which I Hv SHown In The Image Is Giving Me Copyright Claims By

CD Baby Sync Publishing I Was Wondering If U Could Remove The Claim ik Its Ur Song But Pls Take Some Action. I Hv Currently Sent A Dispute Against Them


Hi CytomPlaz -- thanks for the kind words about the game!

We have not filed any copyright claims (and we actually want people to share our games). 

All third-party music in the game has been properly licensed to use in Lamplight Hollow. If you receive a claim stating otherwise please direct those claimants to contact us directly at:

We will send them proof of license. 

Enjoy the game :-)

Hmm.  When I locks up, I can restart and reload the game, somehow I don't think that is how it is supposed to work, but it is a fix.


Although we're glad that you can continue to play it is definitely not supposed to be happening!

Have you noticed any pattern about when this happens? (scene or music change for example) Would you mind telling us what browser you're using? We can start there try and replicate this.

Thank you for letting us know.


Well, I have since gotten an upgraded computer and due to working from home, I am using my own with no problems, so....I guess it's fixed!  Thank you for your help.


We're so glad to hear that - we hope you enjoy exploring Lamplight Hollow!!!

Take care.

It seems to lock up at strange times.  Playing on a Dell PC.  Just curious is this an ongoing problem?


Wow and I'm even more amazed at the message behind the game and where it come from! I hope more people are made aware of the problem of teen dating violence! Really great work!


This is an amazing game! The story and subject is very interesting, the musics are great and the graphic design is beautifull!

I finished rank A, with 29 found, 26 gold, no relics found and 2 useless treasure brought back to the griblies out of 5! It was a lot of fun <3 

My only critics are the following:

-the Z command didn't work on my laptop (lenovo X230 tablet, windows 10)

-the sequence where you are forced to advance are infuriating at the beginning

- the freeroam mode is way more interesting I think, because you can discovere the world around you.

-there are a few minor bugs, like Willbur being present at the entrance of the dungeon even thought he is in you party behind you, or when you exit freeroam in the yard with the broken car, it brings you back at the entrance of the dungeon.

-also at some point my computer crashed, not sure if its the game or my device.

-The fight sequences might need to be a bit more linked to the topic of helping a friend in an abusive relation. I feel like it was trying to bring the concept of being able to talk to someone, but then some key words like "listening", "empathizing", "reassuring" in the responses could have better taught the player what is to be done when trying to orally solve an issue. Disregard my comment if the fight sequence where not for this.

I really loved this game and wish the story was even longer!!! Its a beautifull universe :)))

Thank you so much!

Thank you for your kind words and detailed feedback! We are evaluating what we will be doing with Lamplight Hollow next and will keep your feedback in mind to help guide us.

The problem with the 'Z' key not working is concerning and we have not been able to replicate it yet. As we look at porting the game to mobile devices we will likely add an on-screen button to replace use of the 'Z' key but it would be best if we could identify why this is not working properly for all players.

Thank you again for your thoughtful comments and for your time in sharing them with us!