This is the educational version of Figure It Sprout. The non-EDU version is also available to play.

About Figure It Sprout

Maggie has received a gift in the mail.

It is a treasured plant, sent by a treasured family member.

And as one plant - becomes two - then becomes three - Maggie must carefully consider how to manage an ever-growing garden.

 Join Maggie on her journey as she explores her precious garden. Together, you will test new ways to optimize the limited space in her charming apartment. Drawing on encouraging notes, tips, and support, you will help Maggie to cultivate a seemingly ever-expanding collection of plants.

And as your mind wrestles with the increasingly difficult task, you might find - as does Maggie - that quiet, considered, time alone with your thoughts can help one appreciate what really, truly matters.

Developed by Students for Students

Designed and developed by a group of students attending University of Wisconsin-Madison, Figure It Sprout is an award-winning game from the 2023 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge. The challenge presented by the competition was to create a non-violent video game that would engage and educate students about Critical Thinking.

This colorful, clever, and challenging casual game offers over thirty levels of puzzles designed for curious thinkers ages 11 and up. This pressure-free game allows you to solve the puzzles at your own pace while enjoying the game's original music.

Game Features

  • Beautiful and charming art with original music.
  • Over thirty levels of challenging puzzles to practice your deduction & logic abilities.
  • An enjoyable game intentionally designed to support critical thinking skills.
  • Free standards-aligned classroom resources created by an educator.

Figure It Sprout Credits

ProgrammingQuang Nguyen
DesignDavid Li
Writing & Art
Gaby Sanchez
Writing & Art
Kitty Huang
Original Music Isaac Orozco
Producer Jennifer Ann's Group
Publisher Life Love Publishing

Figure It Sprout Education Edition

This Education Edition offers a free standards-aligned lesson plan and a slide deck about critical thinking for classroom use. Click on the "Educators" button to access the resources menu. Scan the appropriate QR code to access the critical thinking slide deck (8 pages) or lesson plan (3 pages) in PDF format. 

Coming soon: an in-game introduction and afterword that provides more context about critical thinking as well as tips about applying the lessons learned.

Gaming Against Violence

Since 2008 the Gaming Against Violence program has produced and published dozens of prosocial games. These games are intentionally designed to prevent violence. In 2022, Gaming Against Violence was recognized as a Top-50 nonprofit program in the U.S. The program is presented by Jennifer Ann's Group, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity.

Figure It Sprout is one of the prosocial video games produced by the Gaming Against Violence program.

Games about topics such as critical thinking, resilience, empathy, and connectedness support the program's cross-cutting approach to violence prevention. Since 2008, the Gaming Against Violence program has engaged, educated, and empowered young people around the world about important issues. Other game topics include consent and healthy dating relationships.

Learn more about Gaming Against Violence by visiting the program website: The website also includes links to published research and media coverage about Gaming Against Violence as well as links to some of the prosocial games to come from the program.

You can also learn more about Critical Thinking by visiting the website for Critical Thinkers: The website offers definitions, resources, and links to other websites about critical thinking. It also includes links to additional critical thinking games.


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