Available now: 'A Thousand Cuts: Early Edition'

A Thousand Cuts: Early Edition

A Thousand Cuts is the third award winning game to be released from the Culture Game Series.

A Thousand Cuts is a provocative, thoughtful texting game created by writer and game designer Elizabeth Ballou. The full version of A Thousand Cuts is still in production and the "early edition" version shared here is an award-winner of the 13th Annual Life.Love. Game Design Challenge presented by the nonprofit charity Jennifer Ann's Group.®

About A Thousand Cuts: Early Edition

A Thousand Cuts: Early Edition explores how campus culture impacts a pair of university students, Rosa and Olivia, going through their school's Title IX process after they realize they've been assaulted by the same man. This narrative-driven game was praised by the judges of the game design challenge for its "great story" and "excellent writing." One judge admitted: "This was an emotional ride, and I got a little nervous during parts of it ..."

This early edition of A Thousand Cuts allows the player to safely experience the Title IX process and see how Rosa, Olivia, and their friends are affected. The full version of A Thousand Cuts will provide players with even more choices, such as options to report the assaults to the police or to the media. This early edition has been modified in a few, minor ways (including bug-fixing, accessibility fixes, and cultural consulting) from the version of the game that was submitted for the game design challenge.

We encourage you to follow the development of A Thousand Cuts so that you can play the completed version as soon as it becomes available. Visit A Thousand Cuts website for more information about the game. Also at the website you will find the history of Title IX, important info about consent, links to helplines, and other helpful resources.


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Dec 31, 2021

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